• Rob Vescovo for State Representative.


      • Remove the Impediments to Creating New Jobs
        Rob knows that big government can stifle small businesses’ ability to create jobs. He fights every day to protect jobs and make it easier for small businesses to grow. Rob will continue to identify and eliminate job-killing regulations, laws and executive orders that impede the creation of new jobs.

      • Increase Job Training Funding
        Rob understands that we must create a brighter future for our young people. He will continue to work tirelessly to create a new super workforce for the 21st Century by increasing job training funds for Universities, Community Colleges and Vocational-Technical Schools, and create greater partnerships between employers and these institutions to provide the next generation of well-trained workers.

      • Oppose New Taxes
        Rob is fighting to close unfair tax loopholes, oppose any new taxes and end special interest giveaways and any tax credit that fails to be reviewed every 5 years and deemed effective.

      • Greater Accountability to End Waste, Fraud and Abuse of Tax Dollars 
        Rob is making it his priority to eliminate waste, fraud, and mismanagement at every level of government. He supports performance audits of all departments to determine their effectiveness and efficiency.

      • Provide a World-Class Education
        Rob is working to ensure local control and accountability of schools, demand Jefferson County’s fair share of state funding, expand Vocational Technical training for jobs, and cap tuition for Missouri Universities to help families cope with rising tuition costs.

      • Protect the Unborn and the Born
        As a child, Rob was adopted. Rob is 100% Pro-Life and supports the strongest protections for the innocent unborn. Rob will continue to fight against any governmental funding of abortion or abortion services, and will always fight to protect children in Day Care providers from child abuse and unsafe facilities.

      • Support Second Amendment Rights
        Rob will fight any attempt to restrict law-abiding citizens from owning guns, and has led the fight to pass some of the country’s strongest protections of gun rights.