• About Rob Vescovo

  • About Rob

  • Rob Vescovo knows that the time is now to turn our broken nation and state around so that working families get a fair shake and the next generation gets a chance to realize the American Dream. That’s why, as our State Representative, Rob has stood against the special interests that have racked up debt and robbed us of far too many family-supporting jobs. Rob believes that Missouri must look within and nd our own way to move our state’s economy forward, improve healthcare, reform welfare, and make our roads and bridges safer, because Washington, DC, has proven that it can’t solve anything.

    Government does not create jobs, but sadly it does create impediments to job creation and economic growth. Rob works hard every day to remove those impediments to create jobs. Rob is standing up to the liberal special interests to implement better management and greater accountability to reduce and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer’s money and ensure no tax increases. He believes that through innovation we can improve services to more effectively serve the public.

    Rob will never back down from fighting Washington bureaucrats to maintain local control of education decisions and will demand greater accountability from our public schools. We can build an education system that provides our children with not only the skills to compete, but also train them well enough to be our greatest asset in attracting new employers. Nowhere is this more important than right here at home in Jefferson County.

    Rob hails from a line of dedicated public servants tracing back to Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Rob’s family also started Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, MO, which is still in operation. Rob intends to earn your support and the right to serve you and continue that same tradition of public service in the Missouri House.

    Rob attended Southeast Missouri State University, where he studied public relations and has served on the Jefferson County Port Authority. He resides in Arnold with his wife Amanda and their ve children, Robert, Jillian, Nicolas, Peter, and William.